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 Smijeshne izjawe VII sezone

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.:Zacharana Weshtica:.
.:Zacharana Weshtica:.

Ženski Broj poruka : 1358
Godina : 29
Lokacija : With Santos in the Pool ;)
Pravo Ime : Faith, Wjera, La Owca ;)
xobi : charmed, pisanje pricha, ludijanje po donjem putu, ...
Datum upisa : 04.02.2007

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PočaljiNaslov: Smijeshne izjawe VII sezone   Smijeshne izjawe VII sezone Icon_minitimeSub Apr 07, 2007 1:48 pm

<Phoebe> No, I'm just saying, you know, that-that... I mean, the point... What was I saying?
<Leslie> Something to do with "me Tarzan, you Jane".

<Paige> I have things to do too, you know. I have all these parents on my back right now. Oh, and my freshmen's potions class, let's see, I ordered five hundred dried toads. What did I get? Mm, five hundred wet ones.

<Victor> And since I wanna reverse the spell and you don't, I think we should bring in a third party to break the tie so to speak.
<Grams> A third party? Who'd you have in mind? Their mother? *laugh*
<Victor> *laugh* Yes, that's exactly who I had in mind. Do it!

(Piper, Victor and grams are searching for a little black book, Victor found it and grams snatches it off him.)
<Victor> Don't want me looking up the old boyfriends, huh?
<Grams> They were in a much bigger book, thank you.

(A spell backfired, the Charmed Ones are kids again)
<Phoebe> Because that Leslie is such a jerk-face!
<Paige> Oh, please, you so like him.
<Phoebe> I do not.
<Piper> Do too.
<Phoebe> I do not, Piper.
<Piper> Why don't you just marry him already.
<Phoebe> Why don't you just marry Leo?
<Piper> Cause I already did.

<Phoebe> Pirates? Like hot Johnny Depp Pirates?

(Phoebe walks in.)
<Phoebe> Yo-ho, hello!
<Piper> Did you just call me a ho?

<Sirk> [...] but the Charmed Ones still thwart me.
<Seer> Well, they are the Charmed Ones, and they're pretty good with the thwarting.
<Sirk> I want to peel the flesh from their bones while they still live.
<Seer> Okay, just because we're demons doesn't mean we always have to be so eww.

<Seer> Foreknowledge is a bitch sometimes.

(Phoebe killed Sirk, the angel of death came to take his soul, Phoebe is trying to cut a deal with the angel of death)
<Sirk> (to the angel of death) You can't be taking her seriously.
<Phoebe> Dude, you're dead. Start acting the part.
<Angel of Death> This has been quite a remarkable day. Even for me.

<Paige> You get so emotional when you're PMSed.
<Phoebe> And you get mean.
<Paige> I do not get mean. I'm above it all - Nothing happens to me.
(Piper walks in)
<Piper> All righty then!
(Paige is startled and orbs out and back in.)
<Phoebe> Oh, right, nothing happens to you - You're above it all.
<Paige> Fine, I get a little jumpy.
<Piper> And I get a little pissy, so watch it.
<Paige/Phoebe> We know.

(Piper and Phoebe are thinking about how to get rid of Zankou)
<Phoebe> What about a love spell? We could make him fall for one of us.
<Piper> (laughs) Sorry, I'm taken.
<Phoebe> Yeah, well but I'm not.
<Piper> Yeah, but you're not that desprate - Are you?
<Phoebe> (sighs) Well, those deamons do have a way of keeping you warm at night.
<Piper> Yeah, but thats only cause they have fireballs
<Phoebe> (laughs and gives her a look)

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Smijeshne izjawe VII sezone
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